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About Us

Founded in 2005, we are the largest and most successful company in the Tamilnadu, India, thereby making us the recognized market leaders in this field.
We remain dedicated specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of Glazing systems for contracts anywhere in the India. Our highly experienced and directly employed fixing staff has installed Lakhs of square metres of Glazing and ACP throughout the years and examples of our finished work can be seen on many of today's prestigious buildings, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, IT Companies, Banking Sectors, Government buildings and shopping centres, .
With more than a 10 years experience behind us, we have the expertise and resources to carry out the most demanding and largest glazing projects in the India.

Our Objects
We follow a pragmatic approach in all our dealings and our client has always acknowledged our endeavors to provide them with quality products. We strongly believe that our efficient and customer oriented services has opened the gates for us to a prominent success and recognition.

Our Mission
Since our inception, our mission has been to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing them with the products of their choice at reasonable rates. We are oriented towards providing dedicated services to our end users and supply quality in all our dealings.

We have an adept team who is committed to give our clients their best. They are well versed with the techniques and developments of the industry and know their work well. Our organization nurtures talent and has hired very experienced workforce in the company. Timely completion of the consignments and they have successfully catered to varied requirements of the clients.

We believe that there is constant scope for improvement and developments in all the areas. Our Team members are constantly working hard for improvements and new innovations to upgrade and improve the products and quality and services to fulfill the need of the Customers.

  • We aim to respond quickly to change and continuous improvement.
  • We seek to further development of our staffs.
  • We design, Listen, Innovate, Collaborate, Propose and Solve.


  • We value the rich diversity of all people and culture.
  • We respect our environment and the Communities in which we work.
  • We treat each other with respect.


  • We promise only what we can deliver.
  • We behave ethically and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We promote a Culture of safety.


  • We strive to exceed the expectations of our Customers.
  • We work hard and encourage for and fulfillment.
  • We work for, and expect, success.


  • We upload high Professionals, Safety and technical Standards.
  • We seek to innovate and develop creative solutions.
  • We are Proud of our achievements.


  • PGC proven and on going commitment to continuous improvement is built on reviewing and acting on prior experience.
  • We trust our business philosophy of placing client satisfaction before short term gain.

Warrantee is offered for all of our supply and fabrication of the projects. i.e. we are arranging to give you the manufacturer's certificate for the supplies of all the products. We shall provide warrantee of workmanship and performance of sealants from the date of completion of the warrantee period of 12 months. We shall undertake to replace at our cost, any defects within the warrantee period (evident due to condensation or alignment of the panels, failure of sealant damage.)

Public Safety
We are an excellent record of public safety. The following details can serve as a guide for selection of a suitable safety glass in any our overhead glazing systems. GLAZING HEIGHT ABOVE THE FLOOR LEVEL: 0-5 meters.The glass should be toughened or laminated.

Pyramid Glazing & Cladding Pvt. Ltd Certified by
Prof. Dr. P.K.ARAVINDAN, (Former Prof. in Struct. Engg. IIT Madras), Principal Consultant, SREE CONSULTANTS, Chennai

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