Quality Specification


Aluminium Extrusion


Aluminium Extrusion used in Structural Glazing, Stick Glazing, all type of Windows, Doors. Aluminium Extrusion shall be 6060-T6 alloy conforming to BS-1474-1987. The extrusion shall be Clean. Straight with sharply defined lined and free from distortion and defects impairing appearance, strength and durability. The extrusion shall be suitable for wall thickness and profile for rigidity and strength in respect to tensile, shear, bending and bearing stresses, capable of providing local and lateral stability.


Anchorage System


The structural glazing system, will be fixed to the main building structure using components of alloy steel or other materials appropriate and conforming to statutory requirements and coded of practices. In general, Galvanized steel bracket shall be used as the anchoring system. The type size of the bracket is to be selected in accordance with engineering calculations to withstand 200 Kg/Sqm x 1.5 times for safety factor. Mullions shall be mounted to the brackets of desired thickness and size. All fastening and transoms shall be of stainless steel bolts and nuts with spring washers.




The extrusion shall be finished in electrolytic colour anodizing of approved shade and colour for an anodic coating of minimum 20 microns (+/-2 microns).


Glass For Structural, Windows & Fixed Glazing


The glass will be approved make and will be in a position to take the required wind load specified by the architect. The glass samples will be submitted for approval.


Hardware Fittings


All screws, plugs, nuts or other fastening devices shall be of stainless steel that will not result in the corrosion with installation. 4 bar stays stainless steel arm shall be used in openable windows of along with peg stays for openable window.


Silicon Sealant


Sealant for weather seals shall be Dow Corning 789 or Equivalent. Sealant for Structural Glazing shall be Dow Corning 995 or Equivalent and shall be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s specification.


Weather Stripping


Weather Stripping shall be extruded Neoprene / EPDM or Equivalent and of the required size.


Glazing Tape


Glazing Tape for Structural Glazing will be special two ways adhesive Black coloured Tape equivalent to Norton Tape.




The finished surface will be protected with a self-adhesive peel -off with two layers of white and black, tested to withstand at least 6 months exposure to local weather condition, without losing the original peel- off characteristic or causing stains or other damages.


Quality Control Documentation


Quality Control procedures shall be documented in writing for the Engineer’s review and approval to ensure the design integrity and performance of the as-built product.

Documentation shall include schedules, details and explanatory sketches cross-referenced to the shop drawings etc., all as required to intelligently witness and assess methods and materials; and to ensure that both the fabrication and installation are in accord with the contract documents.