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Spider glazing (fin type / rope type / pipe-ms or ss)

Spider glazing offers a beautiful external appearance with uninterrupted views. Spider glazing curtain walls provides maximum daylight possible to the building interiors. They also provide large transparent glass surface as building envelopes.

This acts as a structural support to the exterior designs and spider glazing can be customized for buildings of any design concepts. This is highly suitable for both commercial and residential buildings.

Sky light glazing

A skylight sometimes called a rooflight is a light-transmitting structure that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes. They are used as daylighting elements to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight, via top lighting to the building interiors.

They provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment to interior occupants. With skylight, sustainable building is possible that allows for passive solar heating, passive cooling and fresh air exchange.

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We remain dedicated specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of Glazing systems for contracts anywhere in the India. Our highly experienced and directly employed fixing staff has installed Lakhs of square metres of Glazing and ACP throughout the years and examples of our finished work can be seen on many of today’s prestigious buildings, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, IT Companies, Banking Sectors, Government buildings and shopping centres.